Smith Patten opposes United States Department of State’s Motion for Summary Judgement related to Passport Supervisor’s allegations of retaliation and hostile work environment after he opposed discrimination in the workplace.

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Minter v. United Airlines

Plaintiffs oppose United’s attempts to preclude one jury from hearing all of United’s attempts to preclude qualified African Americans from participating in senior management.

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Ewers v. Vitality Institute Medical Products

Smith Patten files Lawsuit on behalf of whistleblower who was terminated after complaining about unsafe cosmetic products being sold by Vitality.

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Tukay v. United Airlines

Smith Patten files Reply Brief on Appeal for former United employee terminated for misconduct.  Smith Patten alleges it was error to grant summary judgment when former employee alleged that his conduct was on surveillance video and he did nothing wrong.

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Linder v. Golden Gate Bridge Transit Authority

Smith Patten files Reply Brief on behalf of terminated Lieutenant whistleblower regarding fraud in gun permit procedures for officers working at the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Broadmoor House, et al., vs. Regional Center of The East Bay

Smith Patten files a historic class action law suit against Regional Center of the East Bay to stop discrimination against companies owned by minorities related to RCEB contracts.  Read the complaint below.

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Cooper v. United Airlines, Inc., ND CA Case No. 13-02870

Caucasian supervisor illegally hired to replace African American Plaintiff resigns after Smith Patten files lawsuit.

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Cooper v. United Airlines, Inc., ND CA Case No. 13-02870

United Airlines hires an African-American Security Supervisor after Smith Patten files lawsuit.

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Johnson et al., v. United Airlines, Inc., ND CA Case No. 12-02730

After Smith Patten files a race discrimination in promotion case on behalf of 21 African-American pilots and 2 African American Operations Supervisors, United Airlines implements new promotions practices. Plaintiffs alleged that United refused to post management positions to preclude African Americans from participating in management opportunities. Plaintiffs alleged that this resulted in less qualified non-African Americans getting management positions. After the filing of the lawsuit United is now posting management positions.

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Miller v. Southwest Airlines Co., ND CA Case No. 12-03482

In January 2014 Legislature enacts Labor Section 244 after Court rules that Smith Patten’s client was required to exhaust whistle blower claims before Labor Commissioner. This new section provides that it is not necessary for an employee to exhaust administrative remedies in order to bring a civil action for violation of any provision of the Labor Code unless the section under which the action is brought expressly requires exhaustion of an administrative remedy. This will make it easier for lawsuits to be filed against employers.

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Weingand v. Harland Financial Solutions

The California Legislature amended the California Labor Code effective January 1, 2014 regarding whistleblower protections consistent with the position advocated by Smith Patten in federal litigation to protect workers who disclose violations of the California Labor Code to their employers.

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Whistleblowing Attorney

Whistleblowers are a special breed; they take risks that other employees won’t. They stand up for what they know is right. They put their livelihoods and their careers on the line. When they suffer retaliation from their employers for doing…

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

SMITH PATTEN’s attorneys have been on the cutting edge of alternative dispute resolution, and do not hesitate to utilize out-of-court methods of dispute resolution in cases where it can produce a positive outcome for our clients. Mediation by a third-party…

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Executive Compensation

The Law Office of Smith Patten has represented executives at all stages of their relationships with the enterprises they lead, own, and sometimes leave for greener pastures. From publicly-traded companies to closely-held corporations, we understand the differing challenges facing key…

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Civil Rights

Those who came before us fought long and hard for the Civil Rights that we now enjoy. That spirit is not dead; it is alive and well at Smith Patten, who fight every day to ensure that all people are…

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The attorneys at Smith Patten represent employees who have been wronged by their employers throughout California and across the nation. Our attorneys regularly represent all levels of employees, from board-level directors and senior managers down to entry level workers who…

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