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Frilco Philippines Corporation

Executive Compensation

The Law Office of Smith Patten has represented executives at all stages of their relationships with the enterprises they lead, own, and sometimes leave for greener pasturesBig Boobed amateur – Cam masturbation. Free cams on xxxaim.com – amateur,big,boobs. From publicly-traded companies to closely-held corporations, we understand the differing challenges facing key employees, chief officers and executives posed by the nature of the businesses they lead. Our clients have been key employees and leaders in companies under acquisition, in early rounds of venture capital, and in various stages of profitability. Each of these stages of development presents different opportunities and risks to the persons who lead these companies, and upon whose talent and dedication the profitability of these companies depend.

Executives choose the Law Office of Smith Patten for our depth of experience, both in the board room and in the trenches of litigation. This experience has given us a unique sensibility to corporate culture and the impact that corporate culture has on the ability of executives to chart their own course and actSapphic Erotica Lesbos Free xxx video from www.SapphicLesbos.com 08 – dildo,lesbian,teen in their own self-interest without wavering in the duty of loyalty to those they lead.

We consider the business acumen of our clients an invaluable asset in the process of achieving a resolution to our client’s issues. We actively leverage our client’s understanding of the playing field to our clients’ advantage in negotiationsamateurs gone wild on compensation packages, non-compete agreements, assignments of intellectual property, and severance. At the same time, our litigation experience, from the outside looking in, gives our attorneys a practical understanding of how such agreements unravel and where disputes are likely to crop up in the future. At the Law Office of Smith Patten, we believe that litigation experience is essential to crafting durable agreements that can withstand the risks and uncertainties of today’s business climate.

The Law Office of Smith Patten is here for our clients when things go bad. From stock options and warrants amateurto age discrimination and unfair business practices we regularly advise and litigate managers, executives, and chief officers. Whether you are considering your first executive offer or are negotiating your retirement severance and at all points in between, the Law Office of Smith Patten is ready, willing and able to assist you in achieving your professional goals.