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Employment Law

The attorneys at Smith Patten represent employees who have been wronged by their employers throughout California and across the nation. Our attorneys regularly represent all levels of employees, from board-level directors and senior managers down to entry level workers who have been (Krissy Lynn & Sheena Rose & Uma Jolie) Lesbians Girls In Hard Sex Punish Action Scene movie – lesbian,sex,porntreated unfairly in the workplace. Our years of experience litigating against some of the largest and best-funded employers in the country have given the Law Offices of Smith Patten F. Smith an understanding of how these companies go about covering up discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Numerous federal and state laws protect employees in the workplace from unlawful practices. Our employment lawyer San Francisco know these laws and we know sexteenhow employers break these laws. Our employment lawyer Los Angeles and San Francisco at the Smith Patten ensure that our clients understand how these federal and state protections work and how employers are able to blow job videosskirt the law and hide illegal activities.

From mis-classifying employees, to race discrimination, age, sex, and sexual orientation discrimination, to retaliation for speaking out against unlawful practices in the workplace, our employment lawyer fight unlawful employment practices every day. We know how to bring employers to answer for the many different ways they subject their employees to unlawful treatment.